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Digital Forensic Analyst I and II, Environment and Natural Resources Division, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Nov. 2020

Washington, D.C.

C & C International Recruitment Accepting Resumes For:
Digital Forensic Analyst I and II to assist in the work of the
U.S. Department of Justice, Environmental and Natural Resources Division ENRD
Washington, D.C. 20036
Hudson River Natural Resource Damages Document Collection
Digital Forensic Analyst I:  The pay rate for the position is $40-43 an hour, depending on experience and qualifications. 
Digital Forensic Analyst II:  The pay rate for the position is $60-65 an hour, depending on experience and qualifications. 
Candidates must exceed minimum qualifications regarding maximum hourly pay rate.
Please provide requested hourly wage with your resume and references.
Travel with prior notification may be required for the position.
Period of Performance: 
Date of hire through May 2021
With option of one year through June 2021
Resume Requirements:
  •  A one-paragraph overview highlighting each candidate’s qualifications for the position, software experience and education
  • Resume for each person in MS Word format, over all 1” margins, 10-pitch font, maximum 3 pages (2-page resume, 1 page with professional references)
  • Please include three (3) professional references with your resume in the following format
Name of Reference:
Job Title:
Relationship to candidate during tenure:
Special Requirements:
-  Must be a U.S. citizen
-  Must obtain a U.S. government security clearance, Public Trust
(active clearance preferred)
Digital Forensic Analyst I
  • Undergraduate degree in Digital Forensic Science, Computer Science/Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Mathematics, or a related field is also required
  • Five (5) years total experience may substitute for this requirement in some cases
  • Must have extensive experience in forensic examinations at the enterprise level within the preceding three (3) years
  • Must have demonstrated experience in and ability to demonstrate the interpretation, processing and translation of file and operating system artifacts across a variety of 7 platforms, as well as expert-level experience in the use of automated forensic tools (e.g. EnCase®, Forensic Toolkit®, Paraben Suite®), Xways®, Black Bag Forensic Suite, Knoppix based tools, etc.)
  • Analyst must also be able to articulate, in detail, the processes being conducted by these automated forensic tools
  • Experience in performing digital forensic collections, acquisitions and imaging as well as comprehension of preservation and spoliation issues relating to electronic evidence is required
  • Either the EnCase® Certified Examiner (EnCE) or IACIS® Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE) or comparable certification is required
  • Conducts and performs comprehensive forensic examinations of computer-based digital evidence and manages information in support of agency investigations and litigations while following industry and component established protocols and best practices
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, directing and conducting forensic analysis on a variety of electronic media in support of agency matters
  • Responsibilities may include managing digital forensics examinations through the entire lifecycle (case planning, intake, acquisition, examination, presentation and disposition); performing complex, large-scale digital forensic examinations to include collection in a live client-server environment utilizing validated remote forensic software
  • Providing technical guidance and assistance to legal staff while ensuring that proper precautions are taken in the preservation and prevention of spoliation of electronic evidence
  • Must comply with standards, policies, and procedures established for the forensics laboratory including ASCLD/LAB accreditation requirements, supplements, criteria, and interpretations as it applies to digital evidence.
Digital Forensic Analyst II
All Qualifications listed above with Additional Qualifications:
  • Five (5) years’ experience in performing digital forensic collections, acquisitions, and imaging as well as comprehension of preservation and spoliation issues relating to electronic evidence
  • Seven (7) years field experience may substitute for degree requirement
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