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NEW YORK, NY · Legal
Position:                              Senior Paralegal
Location:                              New York
Term:                                    1 year, perhaps longer
The contract staff will initially spend a large amount of time performing document audio review using an ATR-selected audio review tool on a large banking matter.  Other tasks may include:
  1. Review of chats and key custodian electronic documents.
  2. Assessment of audio and electronic documents for specific conduct categories.
  3. Aggregation of data into 360 analyses of co-conspirator conduct for specific dates of interest.
  4. Organization, review, and processing of discoverable materials.
  5. Document review and analysis of large volume productions in paper as well as electronic formats to identify relevant documents in accordance with guidelines provided by ATR staff.
  6. Perform trial preparation tasks, such as organizing documents for discovery, performing searches in ATR document review tool, scanning documents, organizing exhibits.
ATR litigation staffs receive significant volumes of documents provided in support of Division enforcement matters.  Contract staff will assist in the document review process, working directly with ATR government staff who will provide guidance and feedback.   Work must be done with strict adherence to high-quality standards and within specific time frames as required by ATR IT management officials and legal teams.  Contract staff will be assigned to support one or more matters concurrently.
  1. Must be U.S. Citizen
  2. Prior paralegal or legal experience or training
  3. Detail oriented
  4. Able to work independently with little supervision
  5. Excellent written and oral communication skills
  6. Knowledge and hands-on familiarity with computer applications, in particular  document review systems
  7. Able to deliver consistently high-quality work under tight deadlines and extreme pressure
  8. Able to work overtime as directed
  1. Prior document review experience using automated document review systems
  2. Prior Banking/Financial Industry experience
In addition to the above duties and qualifications, please see the Mega 4 labor category position description for Senior Paralegal (copied below for your convenience).
From Mega 4 Labor Categories:
Senior Paralegal
                (a)  Responsibilities/Duties.  Works under the direction of a Supervisory Paralegal or a Project Supervisor.  Work products are reviewed prior to submission; however, often develops these products with minimal direct supervision other than written guidelines.  In addition to functions performed by Paralegals, described below, performs moderately complex legal research; synopsizes transcripts of hearings and oral arguments for attorney use; reviews case related materials and, for example, identifies potentially conflicting statements or areas requiring further investigation; writes preliminary drafts of simple legal memoranda and correspondence.  Contact mostly with other Contractor staff, but occasional contact with trial staff may be required.
                (b)  Qualifications.  Requires paralegal certificate.  An equivalent level of legal training may be substituted with the approval of the COR.  At least two years of litigation paralegal experience required; trial experience very helpful.  At least one year of experience in automated litigation support.  Requires sound working knowledge of federal and state court system, legal research procedures, and legal research resources.  Requires excellent written and oral communication skills and thorough knowledge of legal research tools such as LEXIS and Westlaw.  Must have hands-on familiarity with a variety of computer applications, including word processing, databases (such as document review and file management systems), spreadsheets, imaging, and hardware systems.   Role also requires hands-on familiarity with ESI tools and knowledge of e-discovery procedures and resources.  Ability to consistently deliver highest quality work under extreme pressure will be very important. 
                (a)  Responsibilities/Duties.  Works under the direction of Supervisory Paralegal or Project Supervisor.  Performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures:  compiles, prepares, and summarizes relevant materials for use by attorneys in discovery and in preparation of motions, briefs and other legal documents; summarizes depositions and other transcripts; maintains case files; performs simple legal research; indexes, tracks and controls document discovery (including documents produced and received in discovery); indexes, tracks and exhibits and other materials at depositions and at trial.  Prepares exhibit cross-references.  Assists attorneys in courtroom.  Reviews documents for relevance and privilege according to established guidelines and criteria. Other examples of the types of work to be performed include compilation of documents for FOIA, production requests, Congressional inquiries, etc.
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