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Senior Paralegal

Washington, DC · Legal
Senior Paralegal
(a) Responsibilities/Duties. In addition to the Responsibilities/Duties performed by Paralegals, described above, independently performs complex legal research; synopsizes transcripts of hearings and oral arguments for attorney use; reviews case related materials and, for example, identifies potentially conflicting statements or areas requiring further investigation; writes preliminary drafts of legal memoranda and correspondence. For litigation specialty, experience in witness interviews is required. Is expected to work independently on tasks without the need for continuous input from SEC staff.
(b) Qualifications. In addition to qualifications required by Paralegals, described above, the Senior Paralegal must have 5years of experience in the required specialty. An equivalent level of legal training may be substituted for the Paralegal certificate, however there is no substitute for the requirement for 5 years of experience in a required specialty. For litigation specialty 1 year of experience in trial support, cite checking legal motions and memoranda, and automated litigation support is required.

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