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Courtroom Presentation Specialist

Billings, MT · Legal
Courtroom AV/Hardware Specialist

Billings, MT.

C&C International Computers and Consultants, Inc. is looking for a Courtroom AV/Hardware Specialist.   Please see the job description below:
  1. Responsibilities/Duties.  Consults with the trial team, court and courthouse staff, court reporters, and opposing counsel to develop plans for equipping a courtroom for a “paperless trial.”  Recommends appropriate equipment, software, etc., taking into account courtroom layout and lighting, whatever equipment may already be available, requirements for cost sharing between the parties, requirements for portability, trial schedule, the preferences of the judge, etc.  Obtains, installs, integrates, tests, and maintains equipment, cabling, and software, particularly for complex installations.  This labor category will be required only occasionally; it will not be required for most trials. 
  2. Qualifications.  Demonstrated ability to develop and execute plans for setting up “paperless trial” courtooms.  Requires outstanding oral communications skills; for example, may be required to meet with the trial team, court reporters, opposing counsel, or the judge to discuss courtroom requirements, to explain clearly the capabilities and limitations of various equipment and distribution options, and to make a compelling case for the optimum solution.  Needs to be able to anticipate in-courtroom problems with hardware and software so as to minimize their impact.  Must be thoroughly familiar with standard courtroom presentation software packages, such as Trial Director and Sanction.  Must be thoroughly familiar with the state of the art in courtroom presentation hardware, distribution systems, techniques, and procedures.
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