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Relativity Systems Admin Manager

Washignton, DC · Legal
Relativity Systems Admin Manager

Location: Washington DC

Team manager who will sit on site with the Government and supervise a team of 4-5 in supporting a large instance of Relativity. Assisting users (attorneys, paralegals, project managers, etc.) in the support of the platform. Team creates workspaces, maintains all instance administrative needs, and assists users with troubleshooting and some workflows.  Provides consulting services to case teams regarding best practices for the use of legal technology. Coordinates with the Information Technology (IT) team to ensure systems are working at optimal levels. This includes, but is not limited to, working with the IT Program Manager to ensure new eDiscovery tools meet established security policies, participating in the system implementation, upgrades, and patches of eDiscovery tools, and collaborating with network administrators to troubleshoot technical issues. Investigates new technology and provides business case recommendations on which investments to make to ensure continued business growth. Forges collaborative partnerships with diverse teams of project managers and legal professionals to meet critical deadlines. Identifies and understands problems or issues through analysis of multiple data sources to draw effective conclusions and chooses the most effective course of action considering the broad business impacts. Provides training, mentoring, management and direction for a team of eDiscovery professionals.
·         This team comprises 4-5 analysts (Relativity Certified Admins)
·         Primary tools supported: Relativity, Equivio
·         Development of best practice models: oversee and monitor team best practices, develop and promote standard protocols for re-occurring services, etc.
·         Operational Management: Provide daily oversight of service delivery, supervise and manage the team, ensure appropriate tracking of work, develop and monitor goals and objectives, etc.
o   Mentor and discipline personnel, conduct performance reviews, and make appropriate recommendations to management 
o   Report activities for department and ensure compliance with directives (timesheets, status reports, etc.) instituted by management 
o   Oversee intra, inter-department coordination and collaboration 
o   Manage projects and deliverables, assist with architecting projects, project planning and scoping, develop project schedules and all other work involved in the overall management of projects 
o   Work with others to assure project success 
o   Assign and manage resources based on the needs within the department, this includes leveling and managing overall work effort within the department 
·         Assist with maintaining monthly status reporting (i.e. billing, client-facing user reports, etc)
·         Assume other tasks as may be assigned or directed 
·         Ability to obtain MBI government security clearance (public trust)
·         The position requires a professional that is highly organized and results-driven with the ability to effectively manage projects in a fast-paced environment and can influence others so as to achieve the desired results.
·         Relativity Certified Administrator (kCura certification with credits up to date) preferred
·         Experience with Equivio preferred
·         Requires a minimum of five years’ experience in managing delivery of litigation support services.
·         Strong Communication skills
·         Previously demonstrated positive leadership and highly effective written and oral communication skills, indicative of ability to articulate ideas and to direct and motivate staff.
·         Proven experience in leading, training, process development.
·         Ability to work effectively with all levels of personnel and to collaborate in a variety of team settings.
·         Minimum of three years’ experience in the development and implementation of processes to litigation matters, or comparable experience.
·         Must be extremely proficient with computers and have at least three years’ experience with and a working knowledge of software applications utilized for litigation support.
·         Bachelor’s degree preferred but experience can be equally as valuable

   (a)  Responsibilities/Duties.  Technical manager responsible for all technical aspects of very large projects, particularly those with unique and/or complex requirements.  For example, for reasons of security, or location, or because of specialized software requirements or telecommunications access needs, some projects may require establishing a separate, dedicated local area network, with a dedicated database server.  Other projects may require setting up a large number of specialized databases or customized applications for analyzing case data.  IT support staff may need to be dedicated to the maintenance of these systems.  In such instances, the Government may order the services of a Systems Manager to manage all of the IT resources for the project, from hardware and software, to staffing, to coordination and interconnection with other already existing systems.  The Systems Manager typically reports to the Contract IT Manager or to the Lead Project Manager or Deputy Division Director for the project.  The Systems Manager must take a very proactive, leadership role in managing the IT aspects of the project, including actively coordinating with a variety of Government representatives, other contractors, and other project and Contractor components, anticipating problems, hiring and training staff, etc.  Manages user help desk support, system and user documentation, system and user training.  Oversees development of configuration management, risk analysis, and disaster recovery solutions.  Ensures that system and data security are adequately implemented and enforced.  Consults with COR regarding scheduling of work, personnel assignments, priorities and progress reporting; plans, staffs, schedules, and develops cost estimates for work to be performed; and reports on progress.  Directs and supervises staff; ensures conformance to functional requirements, technical design, and work standards; ensures successful completion of work, timeliness of deliverables, and quality control.
            (b)  Qualifications.  This is a very senior level position, and candidates must demonstrate substantial, in-depth skills and experience specific to the requirements of the system/installation.  For example, if the system involves a Sun Solaris Oracle application, to be made available across the JCON network, this individual would need to have at least three years of hands-on experience in actually doing the work of setting up Sun servers, and in installing, running, and maintaining Oracle applications, in a large scale office automation network.  Other systems and installations will require different sets of skills: Windows based systems will require more specific hands-on experience setting up and running those systems and applications; browser based systems will require extensive hands-on experience setting up and maintaining browser based applications.  At least several years of first line management experience will also be required.  Experience in implementing user support help desks extremely helpful; experience developing and deploying new applications to an established user group extremely helpful.  Experience in a litigation support environment would be extremely helpful, as would be hands-on experience in a Windows office automation environment such as JCON.  Excellent oral and written communication skills are required.  Trial support experience a plus.  In all cases, management skills, systems analysis and leadership skills, and communications skills will be extremely important.  Undergraduate degree strongly preferred; preferably in the computer science or information management/technology disciplines. Graduate degree in computer science or information management/technology preferred.  Managerial experience required.

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