Document Management Technician

Location: Columbia, SC
Date Posted: 08-19-2016
Document Management Technician
            (a)  Responsibilities/Duties.  Under the direction of Task Supervisor or Document Management Analyst, performs the following tasks while complying with established procedures for: filing, retrieving, and copying case file materials; creating witness binders; preparing deposition and trial exhibits; entering data on-line to case files and other databases; proofreading, editing, correcting OCR'd text files; retrieving and blowing back documents from microfilm and digital image media; tabbing, numbering, labeling, assembling documents; filling out log sheets and reporting on task progress; and performing quality control on the work of peers in all of these areas.  Prepares documents for image scanning; performs other document collection related activities, including document screening, and labeling of files to be scanned.  Performs simple database searches. 
            (b)  Qualifications.  Ability to perform detailed work consistently, accurately, and under pressure extremely important.  Must be able to read and follow instructions.  Must be able to understand task, task objectives, and the context of the task in the litigation support effort as a whole. Must take the initiative to ask questions when necessary to complete task correctly (e.g. where instructions are not explicit or appear to be contrary to the task objective). Must have typing/keyboarding skills and good communication skills.  Must be knowledgeable user of the Government's office and network environment, including but not limited to, word processing, database, spreadsheet, imaging, and telecommunications systems.  Undergraduate degree preferred.  Litigation support experience valued. 
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