Courtroom Presentation Specialist

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Date Posted: 08-07-2017
Courtroom Presentation Specialist (4 individuals)

Expected assignments and specialized duties are as follows:

  • Administrative Division (4 individuals)
  • Works with the trial team, including expert witnesses, to develop plans for trial or hearings using a courtroom presentation system.
  • Prepares exhibit images for particular uses (e.g. zooming in on or highlighting a particular paragraph, or setting up two exhibits side by side on the screen).
  • Develops simple graphic images/exhibits using standard off-the-shelf software packages.  Advises attorneys on the effectiveness of certain exhibits or sequences of exhibits.  Is responsible for the smooth operation of the presentation system in the courtroom.
  • Digitizes audio and video clips.  Synchronizes clips with written transcripts.
  • For most trials, even including most large trials, the Courtroom Presentation Specialist is expected to be the only contractor staff member needed to work with the attorneys in preparing for trial and in presenting materials in the courtroom.  That is, the services of the Trial Consultant and the Graphics Specialist will be required only very rarely.
  • Performs all trial and courtroom support functions, including equipment set up and troubleshooting, scripting, advising on graphics presentations, and courtroom operation of equipment.
  • Produces high quality work using IPRO Eclipse, Relativity, audio/video editing software, Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint, Trial Director, and IPRO View.
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